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    Architect / Interior & Exterior Designer
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Quality Policy

Arastan Consulting Engineers as one of the experienced consultants with the aim of researching, planning and providing technical and consulting services in the stages of identifying, technical and economical justification of projects, preparing maps and documentation and project specifications, monitoring good implementation and providing consulting services Founded independently or in collaboration with real and legal experts in the field of interior design, architecture, project management, structures, installations, urban planning and all activities related to different tendencies, established in 1360 and fulfilling the engineering mission with due regard to the profession. The dignity of Nasab consulting engineers Undertaken to provide advisory services and now also in the continuation of those activities and the implementation of quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 committed itself to comply with the requirements of the system for achieving the following objectives knows.



The interior architecture group was formed to create beautiful spaces that could provide comfort, relaxation and facilitate the interconnection and equip the spaces for mental relaxation of the workplace and living using pure engineering techniques and ensuring high quality usable materials.
Interior design and architecture help us build on our experiences by designing the right spaces to deal with those unwanted spaces we unwittingly provide.
Other goals of the interior architecture group:
- Increase the effectiveness of quality management system processes and continuous drive towards continuous improvement with the ultimate goal of corporate performance
- Adherence to schedule and timely execution of projects
- Continuous training of staff to exploit their potential talents to provide more desirable services
Managing this company while pursuing the above goals and reviewing its contents with full respect for the opinions and wishes of the employers and satisfying them with the creation of an atmosphere of empathy and increased effort, will make the necessary contributions to achieve the goals. The company works in the field of interior architecture with the expertise of experts and leverages their rich experience in the following areas:

Engineering services in the field of interior architecture

A) Interior Design of Buildings and Their Implementation and Comprehensive Architectural Engineering Studies Using Techniques:
- Feng Shui
- Color Psychology
- Lighting Measurement
- 3D Modeling Designs
- Design of Interior Design and Accessories

B) Reconstruction of valuable buildings, historical, residential, administrative, commercial, cultural, educational, therapeutic, sports and ...
C) Design and calculation of mechanical and electrical installations
D) Facade design
E) Architectural project lighting
F) Landscaping and green space
G) Design and implementation of exhibition booths
H) Project management
Applying the right products in the interior and exterior of buildings (ceiling, wall, floor and facade) with the aesthetic knowledge of the experts of this group and the use of technical equipments to create a structure of superior quality will naturally increase the value of architectural art.


Arastan Consulting Engineers


Chairman of the Board of Directors: Tuj Karbaschi