• TUJ Karbaschi

    Architect / Interior & Exterior Designer
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Nowadays, everyone is increasingly concerned about their surroundings and striving to beautify their surroundings. Rebuilding is one of the most important areas for people who are tired of the space or need to move to a new place when they need it, and this will require them to seek expert advice to prepare their space. . By rebuilding, we can make our living environment more enjoyable and relieve daily fatigue and make our lives happier and psychologically easier.

The most important purpose of remodeling after beautification is to have a good map with no space left and to make good use of all of its spaces. Demolition and rebuilding are among the things that require expert and skilled workforce, as calculating the forces required on a building and building and finding the location of columns and load elements of the building requires high expertise and experience. Delivering such operations to construction workers and construction workers in most cases results in rework or results in different perceptions and discourages the client from the project. Therefore, Arastan Consulting Engineers Company utilizes expert and experienced forces from the first design and calculation to the end, which is a decoration and layout operation.