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interior Design

Interior Architecture is the creation of space, a space that is both pragmatic and efficient while being memorable. In fact, by designing the technical and specialized principles of interior architecture with an aesthetic sense, the designer is designing a space that expresses his audience's identity, needs, understanding and desires.

Interior Architecture is the link between architecture and interior design. On the one hand, as with architecture, it deals with the building, components and elements of the building, and on the other hand, like interior design, it emphasizes interior spaces. To say that architecture is dealing with large-scale urban issues is the specialty of human-scale interior architecture and communication with public and private spaces, and the result is human connection with the world around.

The world-renowned architecture, a profession, an art and an industry, optimizes the interiors of buildings for daily living and working activities.

Much of our life is spent indoors. These spaces create an environment that meets our basic needs, such as the need for shelter, and many of our activities take place. Also what gives a soul a building is its interior. So it can be said that the quality of the interiors on the one hand has a direct impact on the way we do it and on the other it affects our attitude, attitudes and personality. Accordingly, the purpose of interior architecture is to improve the physical and psychological functioning of space to make life comfortable. Architecture space without interior architecture is either useless or if not usable, it will not be optimized.

The intricate architecture of life affects all sections of society and its impact on life is clearly visible. Hence the subject of interior architecture is by no means confined to the affluent and the Gentile houses. Internal architecture can also be useful for the whole community and the low-income classes. Intercity architecture would be an inevitable necessity if we consider contentment as the fundamental principle of today's society and aim to provide comfortable living in the small, confined space of apartments. Interior design can show us how and how to live in this small space.

Since internal architecture is directly related to the psycho-psychic features of human beings, the characteristics of human behavior in living interiors, both public and private, must be attained in order to achieve an optimal design. The design should be carefully considered. Therefore, when designing interiors, the designer has to deal with two things: the use of that space and the feeling and impact that that space wants to have on the user.

Interior architecture encompasses a variety of elements, including form, light, color, texture, floor, ceiling, wall, functional and decorative elements, and furniture. These elements are designer work tools that should all fit into a well-coordinated and well-pleasing design.

On the other hand, given the importance of financial and economic issues, the art of an architect is to provide the most optimal and most beautiful space with minimal costs so that the client will not only have to pay for it. Not to impose, but to provide expert and scientific solutions to prevent the waste of financial resources and maximize their efficiency. Another subtle point to keep in mind is that the most important factor affecting a buyer before and beyond the skeleton and subframe of a home is the appearance of a home that can give the home a sense of comfort or pleasure. To make him an unpleasant and unpleasant place.

For shops and restaurants,

Architecture and interior decoration are also very important, as inducing a pleasant atmosphere can increase sales of that store or restaurant by several times, Creating a happy and active spirit will bring employees the highest performance possible. Painting, decorating, lighting and creating the right spaces to showcase the goods or services offered in the store, if subjected to technical and psychological principles, can turn a bankrupt store into one of the region's highest-paid stores. So spending on decoration is the best investment for any store.

Interior architecture plays a major role in the quality of the building space. The way space is arranged, the sex and color of the surfaces (floors, ceilings and walls), lighting, furniture and other factors that determine the beauty and functionality of interiors. Today, the impact of interior architecture on relaxation (set of neural norms), efficiency (in office spaces), effectiveness (in commercial spaces) seems very obvious.

On the other hand, interior architecture is very important in terms of psychological criteria. The amount of security, intimacy, excitement and tranquility in a space can be exacerbated or undermined by appropriate solutions. It should be noted that each human being has a certain mental and spiritual attachment that prioritizes their needs in interior architecture.

What should always be kept in mind is that any interior, whether work, leisure or residential, can be beautifully decorated; In addition, he used a little taste to create the right conditions.