• TUJ Karbaschi

    Architect / Interior & Exterior Designer
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Interior Design

Interior Architecture is the creation of space, a space that is both pragmatic and efficient while being beautiful and memorable. In fact, by designing the technical and specialized principles of interior architecture with an aesthetic sense, the designer is designing a space that expresses his audience's identity, needs, understanding and desires. Interior architecture is the link between architecture and interior design. On the one hand, as with architecture, it deals with the building, components and elements of the building, and on the other hand, like interior design, it emphasizes interior spaces. To say that architecture is dealing with large-scale urban issues is the specialty of human-scale interior architecture and communication with public and private spaces, and the result is human connection with the world around.

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Exterior Design

In recent years, the importance of public spaces and the value of urban life has become more prominent. The facade actually separates the inside of the building from the outside and separates the private space from the public space. The façade reflects the cultural status of the builders and reflects the level of order in the design of the building, the amenities and tastes of the designer and the owner. One view is as a general introduction to the status of building occupants. The facade is, in fact, the face of the building and the best expression that the designer or owner has of the outside. Interior views are mostly private, but the views that open to the city's alley are more general. Therefore the facades of the building on the one hand are socially distinct and on the other are the distinctive features of its occupants, so the facade of each building must be both in solidarity with the public space and be able to express the interior volume of the building.

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Nowadays, everyone is increasingly concerned about their surroundings and striving to beautify their surroundings. Rebuilding is one of the most important areas for people who are tired of the space or need to move to a new place when they need it, and this will require them to seek expert advice to prepare their space. . By rebuilding, we can make our living environment more enjoyable and relieve daily fatigue and make our lives happier and psychologically easier.

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Exhibition Booths

The presence of color in exhibitions is one of the most important goals of most companies to create the best possible conditions for presenting their products and services by turning their booth into a special venue and displaying power with impact. Unconscious audiences can gain a greater share of domestic and foreign markets. This can only be achieved by fully adhering to the principles of marketing, professional planning and specialized execution.

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